[Stream x Review] Juls – Leap of Faith

We stated at the start of the year that Afrobeats was truly in progression and you cannot deny the sound has affected many as the sound slowly shifted to the point where many try to find a nane for this hybrid of genres and many using it to try to further musical careers.
But Juls is through and through Afrobeats with huge collaborations that had gone global and many knowing his production stamp what was to show than the scene needs unity than with putting them together on an album and Juls leap of faith shows that jump was the right one!

When Juls on the ting then you know its a problem

My wave Ft Sona & Odunsi the Engine – This intro is something you would really play to start the day and its true Juls will have them moving hips throughout and Sona & Odunsi the Engine and the we get what a meaning to what leao of faith is to someone

Early Ft Maleek Berry & Nonso Amadi – Nonso really gives us a chorus and its a calm and soothing one! Maleek dies his thing and makes sure that the women love this one.

Give you love – The track starts with the conversation continuing and the topic being marriage and going into the track and it’s another one that many generations will enjoy and one that you will hear at every african party.

Temperature rising Ft Kojey Radical – Two Ghana man vibing through this track and its truly golden, Juls giving some amazing production and Kojey given us stanza and every lyric making you want to be chilling in Ghana with a malta Guiniess while watching a beautiful chocolate woman dancing to this track.

After Six Ft Tomi Agape & Santi – another one that is a real passionate track, a lot of emotion in this one and the calm and soothing sounds and both Tomi & Santi compliment each other so well.

Coco Ft Osundi The Engine & Santi – we get a new combo from two we have heard on the album and over familiar Juls production and you know when you hear that sound that drop and bass is coming in so you better be dancing to this one!

Mi luv it Ft Frass & Aod – This one is for the grown and sexy and yes the slow wine is truly needed, the lustful track also show the admiration for a great woman who has their focus, with familiar reference tones that we have heard many rising UK artists that use in new music to make listeners evoke a sense of nostalgia, many will enjoy this one!

Bad Ft Kojo Funds & Not3s – The lead single we got before announcing the album and with two popular UK artists alongside a great producer like Juls it was always going to come out to be a vibe

Eij Owuro Ft Moelogo – seeing moelogo on this album was great and knee that it was going to be something special and his tone fit the production perfectly, to mix native tongue with english shows you that this track is something that you just feel this from start to finish

I don’t want beautiful if you not beautiful inside

Beautiful way to end

This was Juls’ leap of faith to give you a body of work he can call his own, call Afrobeats, celebrate his home country and where he grew up and the influences that has had him part of the amazing Afrobeat sound.

Stream the full LP here

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