[Stream X Review] Jung Mergs – Vibrations and Consciousness

This is an introduction to Jung Mergs, for us and you reading. The East London rapper has put together his debut EP and we get to take in the energy he has put in his first step.

This Introduction to his music and his story he gets to tell us his take on Vibrations and Consciousness. The five tracks definitely show his talents  lyrical and his take on production which is always impressive to know that the talent is expansive.

With the trippy and bouncy start he talks on what he calls ‘Hard hitting realisations of the continuous and hopeless matrix cycles in ‘cogwheels.exe’

When you hear 320D you get an idea on how his dreams are pictured as he is putting in the work. Talking on things that he has in mind for the future of his music and how the progression will help not only him but his team.

A calming tone in the interlude allows the switch between vibrations to consciousness and allowing for him to listen to himself as a reminder to not lost that focus, then leading into 5am in London gives us a real insight and even him taking ownership in decisions he has made up to this point and his proud milestones up to this point.

The last song is one with the only feature in the track, Tulin giving us vocals and Low Tones which was the first single talking about humble beginnings and ‘soon fly, fly in my dreams’ rings throughout as he wraps up the records.

We got to ask Mergs out of every aspect in his work what is the most importing thing he wants listeners to take away :

I want people to catch a vibe to the music when they hear it but still feel like they can connect to it on a deeper level if that’s how they feel in that moment. You can get inspired and still turn up to this sh*t. Duality.

Making sure he hits as many boxes as possible in his first drop it was like receiving a sample of how he can express himself in music and giving us a solid 3.5 Certified Stamped project and a great way to introduce yourself, you’ll learn a lot about him.




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