[Stream x Review] Kadiata – Dnt Tell Me Plz

Kadiata, the South London native has just released a 5 track EP titled Dnt Tell Me Plz.

Your introduction into the EP is by the first track Oh WhY, a song that tackles the ups and downs of relationships. His voice is enticing; a tone that relinquished emotion. You are preview to his thoughts and stance on relationships.

Me & YoU follows on from Oh WhY. A very sentimental yet realistic approach to the reality that is relationships! A topic that is highly engaging and captivating, as it relates to everyone.

I Absolutely love the interlude titled NeVeR! This interlude is unexpected but timed perfectly in the midst’s of discussing the Ugly topic that is relationships and love. Its soft, sensitive, emotive driven and soul capturing. Vocally the singing is exhilarating and beautifully done.
The EP goes through a variation of beats, some that are charming, alluring and captivating. A perfect vibe throughout!

Vocally very melodic, from the singing to the rapping. If you like artists such as PartyNextDoor you’ll love Kadiata
Dnt Tell Me Plz, is a great EP to chill out to, it showcases Kadiata’s ability to story tell and depict realistic visions through his lyrics. Its deep, realistic and extremely relatable!

Have a listen below and conclude your own thoughts on this great project!

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