[Stream x Review] Kai-A – w You: The Prelude Tapes

Coming to you by way of London via Brighton gives us fells although his Debut EP. We take in some great production created aligned with some amazing talented voices to give us the what Kai-A calls ‘A playlist that was built upon darkness, sleepless nights and liberation’.

Photo by Ariana Loughlin

Experimental with vocal pitch sounds that created the beat itself and real live sounds like the leaving  of station to the next sound. The sound of the water, static all those this that has a constant reminder to say this was created as a way to show his freedom in his passion and you can see each song held a certain significance in the change of emotions.

Music that you can enjoy and each feature Fabian Secon, Joey XL, Claudia Marie, Chucks & JD Cliffe gave their authentic flow and you can tell the studio sessions was a straight vibe. Some big records were created and home many get to appreciate it as they listen,

Certified Stamps : 3/5

A very nice debut project and something for every type of chill mood you need to get in.


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