[Stream x Review] Kieron Boothe – clean.

A new year and a new tape from Kieron Boothe and every tape shows progressing in his music and also keeping the structure in the way he does best. The EP shows the mindset he is coming with in 2018 and also challenging himself and not compromising his sound in a way that has allowed him to be consistent, especially with the huge discography he continues to grow.

With features from devante vaughan, giorgia lo & clued up he keeps the project very close with artists and producers that compliment his sound this is another step that Mr Tea & a zoot to also make music that could be listened to, downloaded and put on the radio instantly.

Watch the video for Anytime Anyplace

He states that:

A project totally free from negative energy. I made the EP with the idea of a ‘clean heart/clean mind’ and wanted to make music that had no swearing in it which was a challenge for me lol.

Certified Stamps: 4/5

This project for what it is, has been packaged well and there isn’t a lot of artists that actually  try not to swear in the music because they rely on the track to have a radio edit or sometimes they don’t have another word to fill that gap. Also he has made some great songs that you will enjoy all the way through.

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