[Stream x Review] Knucks – NRG 105

A project that a lot of people were excited for and fans wanting to hear Northwest London’s Knucks and its been so long since we got a full project from him; since Killmatic and if you have been a fan since then you’ll know. But all fans have seen the amazing talent and song creation he displays, giving single after single and always celebrating his birthday since 21 with us this is something we have be looking forward to as this in his first major release, the station and title project NRG 105.

The station hosted by Reggie Black gives the listeners what they wanted along with some adverts, non-stop Knucks as requested by all f as they get ready for whatever that may be. The project has knucks Taking on what he has seen felt and been a custom to growing up and you notice a lot of relatable especially growing up in a african household. You see that he learned the lessons going up through the experiences he now vents though his music.

With only two features in the project from Oscar #Worldpeace who really set pace for you to understand that this is going to be nostalgic and Wretch 32 who really gave us the bars we expect from wretch, and went bar for bar with him on a song, that its something he has probably wanted to do from young, shows that it was going to be something special if you were getting on this project.

His charismatic confidence is shown in abundance throughout this project and makes sure his music cataloge is always linked through as references of the Big Kahuna Burger come up and everyone asks about the cheese lyric and you cant help but laugh, and to always to take note that his kicks are always on point, so watch your step.

Touching on the last song in particularly they normally doesn’t touch on a song like Home off the back of Breaking news is so touching triggering and definitely from a personal point of you as not still lose someone very special in his life in such a manner.

Seeing that he learned the lessons going up through the experience he now vents though his music is what really made this album and enjoyable concept and will be nostalgic for him as the album ages. NRG 105 earns a 4/5 Certified Stamps.

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