[Stream x Review] Kojey Radical – In Gods Body

The 24-Year-old British-Ghanaian artist from East London, Kojey Radical releases his latest EP titled In God’s Body.

This EP is a reflection of self and the realities of life. Kojey does not hold back on any topics regardless of sensitivity, he tackles tough subjects such as race, black-on-black violence, gentrification and much more.  This EP contains powerful messages and tackles uncomfortable truths.

Vocally extremely creative! Kojey has a very distinctive and unique rap sound, his vocals are almost an instrument itself. His ability to convey such heavy topics whilst channeling emotions through his message is somewhat incredible!

The opening song Utopia sets president for the project, it will capture and entice you to keep listening on.

The sounds are combination of Hip Hop, Grime and alternative rap. The sounds and influences almost remind me of an artist like Kanye West who is extremely creative. An artist that is brave enough to explore and experiment with a variation sounds and vocals.

The EP features Grime legend Ghetts who bodies his verse! A surprise guest who blends perfectly within the EP is screen writers, actress and feminist Michaela Coel. Famous for writing and starring in her very own E4 television show Chewing Gum. The award winning talent creative performs a skit where she delves deep into her own conscious with a sensitive yet empowering message.

We knew the project was going to be a powerful piece of work when we got After Winter and the video was clear that there will be no punches pulled by the creative

In God’s Body is a powerful and necessary body of work that needs to be heard.! It’s a different sound, compared to your usual typical lyrically shallow music which is accompanied by a dope beat! With Kojey Radical you’re preview to both!


In a world that is infected with conflict and real life problems Kojey and his voice is needed!

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