[Stream x Review] La Braya – Sincerely EP

La Braya is young, empowering and her EP Sincerely can be described as a succulent taste that’s refreshing to the ear!

Sincerely has 5 songs with titles such as True Sin, Abbie’s Song, More – Interlude, Tough Skin featuring Cassie Rae and the title track Sincerely.

The talented beauty has created a body of work with purpose. Lyrically empowering and sung very beautifully. Whether the stories derive from her own experiences or have been inspired by the ladies around her, her ability to convey the message over beautiful melodic is inspiring.

Her story telling draws from reality, the pain of love and toxic relationships. Something that everyone deals with, regardless of age or gender.

I admire her ability to self-reflect through music, simultaneously remaining angelic through her delivery.

Abbie’s Song!  I just had a moment! Those lyrics, I saved me, touches the core! The message taken from Abbies’ Song is ‘Not to look for strength in others, but finding it deep within yourself! This song tackles issues such as ‘Cheating, staying in a toxic and unhealthy relationship, fighting through the pain and finding the strength in leaving the situation’.

Sincerely, could be described as a Coming of age EP. Perfect piece of music for young women and women of all ages whom are struggling with acceptance, confidence and emotions regarding subjects like relationships, friendships and family. Finding yourself whilst dealing with life’s struggles. Loss, love and reality. The importance of discovering who you are, finding your inner peace and loving yourself through the hardship.

Tough Skin is another powerful song, with important messages of encouragement. Tough Skin encourages Self-love and awareness, in a world that is filled with so much judgment and hate. Her voice is angelic throughout the song. Her falsetto, the rage and the emotive vocals are compelling and trigger emotions which is a direct reflection of her lyrics.

I would give this album 4/5 Certified Stamps: she’s talented and her message is everything and more!

La Braya is necessary for this generation! A young woman who spews nothing but positivity, in a world that is highly focused on raising bad bitches, she is focused on reminding women to wear their crowns as Queens!

Listen to Sincerely the EP below!

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