[Stream x Review] Ling Hussle – Hussle X Dreams

One artist that many have been in anticipation for is Ling Hussle and as the date drew closer to this release, her even selling physical copies on the week of her release really made her live up to the Hussle in her name.

This being her second tape but more feels like this is the one that she has been building up to. With the buzz from 22 building up to today, her birthday you can feel that this one isn’t to just listen like that.

Now, this music is full of soul and very honest and tone alone will make you listen to every single lyric and feels like there isn’t a wasted lyric in her song. The influence of Nipsey Hussle is shown throughout, her demeanour from the intro track is that you are going to get her story and if you have had to hustle for something you will feel her.

Touching on pain, love, karma, stress, loyalty, losses and success’ Ling Hussle doesn’t hold back over some amazing production choices that shows her elite skill in creating music. 

There is a voice message from her boyfriend in the record that says its hard to pin point one great song and he was right, each of them bringing its own energy any track could be a mood for you in the day and it could be an song to show that she feels or an interlude that will remind you she don’t feel for the fake.

Even a dedication to Nipsey on March 31st and talking on how they connected, you can hear the passion and pain in this the most.

An amazing body of work that should be heard globally, from a soul that truly embodies the name Hussle. Earning 4/5 Certified Stamps 



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