[Stream x Review] Little Simz – Grey Area

King Simbi is back again and after creating two amazing bodies of work in her albums to be on her third and touching her 25th birthday it’s been a great journey to document as she is on world tours and putting together her own festival you get to hear the growth and you can’t help but to give her all the respect she deserves as Little Simz is at her best to date with one of the best albums of the year to date.

photo by FromNicksLens

The growth she has shown since announcing the album shows that her position as a label owner, and partnering with a label and being controlled with releases she wants to be more and more hands on as she even took all the images for the early singles in the releases and showed that this is her most personal one to date as she gets a lot more emotive, nostalgic and shows she is the top boss here as always that she will spin you on a track at a moments notice.

We have songs where she’s talking on the climate her city and even the world topics and reminding you that she is still a king.

Venom was such a potent track and the best example to understand that Little Simz is one of the best lyrically and that’s facts.

Deep thoughts and thinking of the future whilst understanding that this journey has her utilising her powerful platform. Along with the great and minimal but great features you just won’t get for a quick hit you can tell the focus and creative freedom was so key in the creation of the creation of the album.

There was a video somewhere of Little Simz letting us know that this album was created with all live instrumentals and to achieve that was a true accomplishment because some wouldn’t even think on how to put something like that together.

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She really has put a foundation down and have one of the best albums in 2019 for herself and shows her global impact as an artist, lyricist and a great woman that young girls should look at and be inspired to go for whatever you want to go and achieve it!

Setting the benchmark for album of the year and delivers a 5/5 Certified Stamped project!

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