[Stream x Review] Little Simz – Stillness in Wonderland (Deluxe)

We already have reviewed the original edition to Stillness in Wonderland by Little Simz and after you read this go and read that and one of the quotes from the article state that its:

An amazing body of work, with features that make sense, within context and collaboratively have worked very well together.

Now the year progresses on for King Simbi she is on a world tour with the legendary Gorillaz and decided that some of the music she has given you this year were so great that she had to put it on a project for you and it being part of the stillness in wonderland campaign she decided to extend the project give you an extended version and added 8 more songs.

Watch Low Tides here:

The songs are all lyrically cold, some you may have heard already such as Backseat & Customz Ft Bibi Bourelly but we get some real get a real vibe in tracks like Our Conversations where they know that the level of cloth talk that Space age talk is on another level. Also gems when she teams with TDE’s SiR where she bounces all the way through the track like she was riding round the streets of LA and showing love to all the people she has got love for was a nice way to end that track.

Of course we got the full on warning from her when we got Good For It showing why when it comes to the lyrical class of Simz there are very few that can touch it.

Watch the visual for Morning:

Call this the Directors cut of this chapter to the Simz story.


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