[Stream x Review] London Rebels – Shades

Shades is a 14 Track compilation featuring a few UK artists such as Knucks; Geovarn; Shae; Dej The Ego; Paige Lihya; Gray; Tailr Mde Ldn & more created by LondonRebels

The completion is rich in variety! It caters to every type of listener from the Slow Soulful deeply rooted songs that tap into your inner emotion, to the reality lyric driven songs.

The compilation even includes conscious rap songs, with meaning, inspired by experiences accompanied by a dope beat from the likes of Knucks with Selfish.

The variety is endless with the inclusion of spoken words, this complication also covers that aspect of lyricism.

Incorporating and including Spoken words into the track list is important as it gives the listener a different way of inhaling lyrics without a beat, by giving you the ability to absorb the message that would usually be missed when listening to a song as you’re drawn by the beat and sound of the rhymes.

Shades is chilled and a vibe! It can be listened to in all capacities, but listening to it personally, I’d listen to it when I’m in my zone so I can fully comprehend the richness of talent, soulful sounds, raps, lyrics, beats and story telling.

Every artist and each track brings something different and unique to the compilation as a whole, the differences complement one anther and flow simultaneously.

Some of the vocals from certain artists are mesmerising, for examples the song Dreamy by Annalisa is for you R&B lovers, a classic and loving sound.

If you’re ready to get into the Zone put your headphones in, relax and listen to Shades!

Stream Here:

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