[Stream x Review] Miraa May – Dark EP

Miraa May told us that she has five EP’s to give us before her debut album lands and we are three deep and this one she has titled Dark EP. This EP she has made sure to tell her listeners this is her last EP she is going to put out with negative emotions.

Photo by Jahnay Tennai

She broke down each of the tracks which allowed you to understand the process behind each of her songs easier and we are going to summarise.

Work – Don’t assume that she is a woman that she just writes love songs and is a great intro to the EP

What i Smoke – This song is a a statement to tell you that she s a woman that will be seen and heard in her own way. We should celebrate the strength of a woman that has survived the abuse and still here still displaying full strength.

Bad Behaviour – Showing that she has bars and will always use her music to speak her truth fully.

No shame – Miraa shows a lot of strength in her music and her music has taken her to some amazing places and is proud of that, especially doing it on her terms.

Think That – The message is the top priority when dropping music and she can put it out in a more rap and poetic manner and we will soon hear her back in her vocal element but this song shows it will be said in the most comfortable way it can be displayed.

We already got the single, Angles which has the only feature in the project and that was with JME and that was another song which showed her achiever her goal of the message being the focus.

When you listen to this EP you will hear and feel the venting and the fact that Miraa wants to not put out any negative energy in her songs give her the element to make sure that that the messages coming from her next two EP’s will show her growth as a person allowing the art, positivity and message to be the focus and as always in her own way and the Dark EP gets 4/5 Certified Stamps so enjoy.

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