[Stream x Review] Miraa May – Care Package EP

The self-taught G that is Miraa May has been quiet and after signing a deal with Island Records we knew it was only a matter of time and this care package as we were promised it this month seems like it was for herself and we have it now for us to enjoy and see where her head has been.

Photography by JAHNAY TENNAI

The tracks throughout show Miraa May’s personality; she is brutally honestly, funny, expressive, skilled, passionate and of course shows that Mizzy isn’t to bed messed with great production throughout.
With no features she will hype you up, get you in your feels, encourage you and support you with vocals, bars statements and her guitar through this EP like she is your homie.

Watch the video for Sad here:

Watch the video for Nobody here:

Watch the video for Make room:

It was nice for Miraa to give us this before the year is out, she is one of the most talented women you will hear proud of her culture and her skill as an artist. Anybody that listens to this will appreciate this fully!

4/5 Certified Stamps to this EP is a great way to return, welcome back Miraa!

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