[Stream x Review] Mist – Diamond in the Dirt

If its something we know it’s that Mist constantly makes sure that he does things in his way and it’s always worked for him, the lavish visuals are only going to get bigger and with Steel Banglez allowing him to find a sound that works for him and showing all how you are supposed to ride over his production. Mist is in his pocket with this project just as he bounced on his debut EP.

With a lot more listening to him he makes sure that his feature game on the was on a wider scale and also you get a few favourites that he knew would be popular and full of energy from teaming with another great hook maker in WSTRN’s Haile and mixing up the vibes with Mr Eazi and Fekky and even decided to go back to grime and giving us bars on a different production he wanted to go all angles.

Watch the video for Wish Me well Ft Jessie Ware

With a strong intro talking about the lifestyle change as an artist with Dreams to Reality to making anyone lose complete composure with Moshpit that many have been waiting for since the leaked video he has all songs that are all single worthy in-between and him and his team knew that the progression had to be made and truly has put on for the 0161.

Certified Stamps :4/5 Mist is truly in his element and found his sound with a strong production team in his corner with huge support and this project will definitely do great things on tour and the number of streams will be bigger than the original. On top of that with the line up of great tracks the visuals will be highly anticipated. Would have been great to see Mist on more different production as we already know how great he can be in-house.

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