[Stream x Review] Mvngo & Lashes – DISORIENTATED EP

There is only a few duos that really do gel very well and Mvngo & Lashes are one of them, never really hear them out of synergy when on the stage and confidently powerful focus from the both of them this New EP was very much out the blue and DISORIENTATED Show a mash-up of their thoughts and worries they have on a normal day and have turned it into therapy for anyone feeling the same and it seems they got a lot out of their system.

Mood swings is definitely very much for the women that are having a bad week and need a pick me up and their way of empowering women that it’s ok to have a bad start but don’t let it go into your week and don’t forget to fix that crown!

Another one to let all listeners know that trust issues is something many have and showing some of their own trust issues situations and it’s nice to see them bring the fun bars to go with the track.

The question on the last track is what would you do with 1 wish and drawing inspiration from R Kelly’s I wish they vibe together and end the EP on a calm tone.

Something light but effective and due to uplift anybody having an off day!

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