[Stream x Review] Nipah – Higher

Three years after her name sake debut Nipah returns with Higher. A level up from what she has learned since her first, she understands that her style is different and will switch up at at any time from powerful vocals to a more raspy and aggressive manner with the bars, you can hear the freedom in her music whenever we get to listen.

Photography by Daniel Falodun

We really get a more uplifting tone in this one but Nipah stays close to what she knows with an Airborn Gav interlude and Spacey Blak all making an appearance with a new view from Afronaut Zu getting her more blunt side out and made a powerful song in Mxthx Fxckx. The songs where it is just her really are expressive and will make you feel exactly how she wants you to and how she felt making them.

Watch the video for Reverse

Putting her music as alternate is interesting because it has enough elements of soul and lyrical tones to make this an R&B/Soul record but the way she can flip it in a way that she’s talking right to you and the way she can change up the genre in an instant. Higher is a 3.75/5 Certified Stamped project as we see more confidence build in NIpah and her expressive music 

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