[Stream x Review] Not3s – Take Not3s EP

ITs been quite a year for the guy with the 3 in his name and he has really made sure that this journey didn’t last only one song and the release of this EP Not3s will have many talking again about every track on this.

This EP is to show that behind the scenes he truly put in work and those claiming that Addison Lee was a one hit wonder was wrong as son after song the Not3s got on he made sure you felt the music, from singing to rapping he will catch you out and you will enjoy.

Teaming up with Shakka was great as the combination on both of their vocals will be cold but to get a Tinie Tempah Verse on your first project is truly something that he could be proud of along with a back to back verse with Mo Stack to make the features complete and of course the ones that the crowd knows and will sing along to, This EP was a statement that he has worked so hard to be in this position to make his family proud his team and all the supporters that has put his music in all your speakers every song is a straight vibe from minute one.

So site back and take Not3s!

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