[Stream x Review] Octavian – Endorphins

It’s hard to think of an artists repping for the UK that’s gathered such a huge hype around their releases in such a short amount of time. Octavian has had such high anticipation for everything he’s dropped and understandably so. After the masterpiece that was Spaceman we were treated to the follow up, Endorphins. 


If Spaceman was a first real introduction to Octavian, Endorphins gives you more a glimpse of himself and what he’s into. Mainly drugs and having a good time from the mixtape title and some of the songs too. The mixtape has some sick collaborations with big names overseas such as A$AP Ferg, Smokepurpp and ABRA. I think such collaborations will solidify Octavian as an international artist that’ll soon be making waves over in the US.

I really struggled last year in picking a favourite track for Spaceman and of course here I am struggling once more. ‘World’ is another anthem, Octavian seems to really be in his bag when making bangers with out of this world production and minimal flows with a hook that deeply connects with the beat. World gives the same vibes that ‘Hands’ or ‘Lightning’ did and is sure to be one to get a crowd going. 

Watch the video for No weakness

Octavian likes drugs, a lot and really pushes this throughout the tape, ‘Risking Our lives’ is proof of that as he’s well aware of the risks of popping pill after pill but the good times on the high seems to make the risks worth it. This is a favourite and the switch up at the end is mad to say the least. 

‘My Head’ with ABRA wish was a collaboration that definitely shocked me as well as really peaking my interest surprised me very much. I didn’t expect the vibe of the song to be the way it is, ABRA came through and did her thing and the way the go back and forth in the hook really slaps.

I could sit here telling you every track is my favourite because they’re all different in the vibes they give despite the actual content being pretty similar. Octavian’s best selection/production seems to blow me away every time and it’s as if any beat on this planet he can effortlessly ride on and make his own. I truly think he’s the one to fly the flag for GB and do his think overseas and his collaborations with American artists on here show his style connects with theirs easily. As a huge fan of Octavian I’ve been bumping this tape heavy! I think top to bottom it’s near perfect and cannot wait to see the live performances of these tracks. So, Endorphins gets a Certified 4.5/5 stamps from me! If you ain’t listened, stream that already!


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