[Stream x Review] Oscar #Worldpeace – IC3

This EP from Oscar #Worldpeace is a strong message and to the point the topic is true to its title. IC3 is a name that has been given to young black youth by the police in a stereotypical manner and this is Oscar’s way of reclaiming that name back because he has seen it being used to kill unarmed young black people.

This project starts in a powerful manner also with the intro Whats it like? putting the question up ‘What is it like being black?’ Receiving loads of different responses from great women and with the different answers it allows you to get perspective to how amazing each person is.

The lead single No White God was a statement in it self and allowed many to be excited for a project like this. He sticks to the grime effect with the repetitive chorus in Brave Face but allowing the subtle tones from Sharlene Klarice to fill out the track with soul.

I See is like a street hymn and the outro in the project and its his way to home in once again showing exactly what he notices when he is out and about and you can hear the pain and hurt in this as its something that has ben such a focal point in society today.

Certified Stamps 4/5

Using your platform and a whole project to tackle issues in society around him instead of talking about his self success and how much he has is processed is what the legends in music have done in selfless acts and this being one of the biggest issues in London town today and something selfless and its a way to talk on things that many will just look over as just the topic of the week.

It’s a rebellious statement that you won’t hear always in music in London today and he should be proud of this as he is talking for a lot of people.

Listen to the project however you take in your music and appreciate and understand the message behind this!



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