[Stream x Review] Pep – No Stars

Took a bit of time out, shortened his name, went to the gym and refocused and now his new EP shows the artist/Producer Pep giving us the longest EP to date to let you know that there isn’t a time frame to the quality and that his is creating and releasing at his pace.

Building the tape all year and giving us visuals in the lead up and its great to finally get the project that he has been building up all year and one of the most talented the country has to offer and his EP shows that he is saying less and putting it all on the tracks.

Going through the tracks, Pep really let it out

Starting off No Stars explains that just like him, everyone is on their hustle and there isn’t any stars round here and you shouldn’t watch him as he is working hard just like you so don’t make an idol out of him.

With the energy still vey high and intense production No Younger Tell em I’m gone continues his storytelling flow and will the catchy bounce and chorus will make sure that you will have you singing along with the track and rating the lyrics throughout the track.

Aeroplane, gets deeper letting people know what he has been starting off saying he has been depressed but he still pushes through and with life pulling him in all directions he just sometimes just wants to jump on a plane and disappear.

We get a subtle voice starting the track with Outside dedicating to a lady friend talking about what could of been and in his life he may have regrets and all these run through his mind and this seemed like the track to get it out of his system

Pep is known for these type of tracks and his legendary Russian Roulette series is one of the most memorable series created and does it with an effortless swag with the RWD series and RWD 2 talks of a story of a move but time is going backwards to the very start and makes you understand in full what happened and it will have you more excited with every verse.

When you look at the title Far I’ve come you will think that it one about his progress in life, but its a realisation on what he could of had if he bought that wedding ring and its one of the most emotive tracks on the EP. Don’t think I’ve heard a UK rapper talking about losing the chance to make someone their wife but this is him venting and you can only rate him for letting it all out on the track.

10 is one of the lead singles of the EP and more of a jumping party track Ft. Lights, and its simple….the next chick has to be a 10/10 and they both flex over the track in the manner only they both can, both with the cheeky flows.

In a similar style of production from No Stars, Bring it out is one of those tracks that should humble all the talkers and if you got all these things you claim all these things then bring them out then, if you don’t hold your mouth because he don’t want to hear it and in all honesty we don’t either.

In a dedication to his mother All on me letting him know that nothing is going to slow him down and he is letting her know he can handle the pressure and make sure that that he will do whats is needed to make sure there isn’t no suffering.

The Outro’s first line actually is a powerful one ‘Who’s gunna care about us, but us?’. Another reminder that there isn’t no stars round here. With his bonus track being part two of the intro track he gets a legendary verse Ghetts & Scorcher and they let of their styles on the track, and its as if their styles gave Pep new life as we get a testimony followed by a verse and made sure that he ends the tape in class.

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