[Stream x Review] Rachel Foxx – Flame

This new project from Rachel Foxx shows her in her full artistic and focused mode. As her music has taken her to new places and locations she has seen to add the element of sexy to the songs and has given her an extra dimension as we did get love songs but it was a lot of love now its a lot more heat and confidence  when you listen these ones and the title and cover art is truly fitting.

It’s very cool when you walk into the booth and when putting your ideas together they actually create a great intro and believe that’s how the intro track is a freestyle because as great as its sound its hows that Rachel can really put together something very naturally.

Wrong is a track that makes you realise that you maybe in a situation that you adore but really all that focus that you are giving to the situation may feel right but its all the wrong things that make it so right so it’s up to you how you weigh it up and this is how she has.

Chance on you is a statement allowing her to tell you she’s a boss and knows exactly what she wants and isn’t afraid to tell you and she wants you to put that effort she does when she put in that extra effort, because not everyone gets it.

The most upbeat track in the project is Don’t be shy and this one is for the ladies to dance right though and its a very bold track and statement and definite shows the growth of her merging her new style with  more lively production as we have seen recently.

We had singles given to us in the lead up to the full release in Wish, Happen to me & Mistress and they truly fit this project well.

Watch the video fro Wish

This is a great representation of where Rachel Foxx is as an artist and also has understood that she is a brand with her even dropping merch for the project and this project shows her musical range has expanded especially with her voice giving us an almost blues type of sound and as you go through the project you can see she is more comfortable with herself to be sexy on the track and showing that by making the music do the talking gives this project a 3.75/5 Certified Stamps!

You can find everything you need about his project via RACHELFOXX.CO.UK and that in all Caps as always!

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