[Stream x Review] Ragz Originale – Nature

North London’s Ragz Originle has really cemented his time in music, responsible for being part of a country’s anthem and consistently delivering music with the theme of ‘Very Nature’. From Production to the finished piece Ragz can do it all and his music is nothing you can hear anywhere else, its expressive, its free-flowing and this album showed that he was willing to try things and go against the grain to give you this experience.

Photo by Joseph McDermott

Starting with Summer Blues the vocals talking about London Town about life on the road and how we have to deal with, it really set the tempo for the album to show you the honesty in his music.

Knowing how to drop a cold hook we get that throughout this album with songs like Proof Read,  Ace Hotel & Endless and the lyrical confidence with the production made this refreshing to hear.

Songs for the women was all throughout the album and songs like How Far, Another Way Ft Ji Nilsson made it very chill & relatable for those listening and at all times reminding you that you are listening to an album from some one from London.

On a classic track that Ragz part of was Clean, and the voice at the start was such a memorable opening that it instantly triggers you when you hear Disaronno Straight and the visuals for this is split in two-part visual that was shot epic leading into the last track, She Said Run Featuring Cartae which has a garage type of sound and becomes infectious but didn’t forget to make sure En Route had a place in the album as it was a great first single to start with.

From the Mini Kingz Label and Proudly Executive produced by kwes, this project is something that has been overdue and it makes you appreciate the process that Ragz puts in his music and we got to hear his adaptation of the word Nature and Earned 4/5 Certified Stamps.

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