[Stream x Review] RAY BLK – Empress

The Empress has returned, all pun intended! South London’s very own Ray BLK is back with another impressive body of work titled Empress. The highly anticipated project follows on from her very successful Mini album Durt, which remains a favourite of mine and her fans.  The expectation for a very talented artist like Ray BLK is imperative, and Empress has not disappointed.  The first release from the project was ‘Run, Run’. A song that touches on the realities of London life, for those growing up in deprived areas.

She perfectly depicts the challenges that are a direct knock-on effect of systematic racism, and the political constructs that have led to social issues, which has been detrimental to the lives of so many young black boys.

The visuals are very gripping, real and thought-provoking. It is definitely a tear jerker if you can relate. One thing that can always be expect from this Queen is reality! Her ability to translate lyrics into visuals, is second to none.

Watch the video for Empress and Mama below:

Her unwillingness to conform, her confidence as an artist to discuss such resilient, provoking and sensual subjects without compromising her artistry is implacable. Her story telling is very autobiographical, giving the audience a picture view of her reality.

Empress is Empowering and Encouraging! No features, unapologetically herself! Reminiscent of the 90’s R&B sound with trickles of soul-pop beats. 5/5 Stamps, Empowering and as real as they come.

Listen to Empress below.

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