[Stream x Review] RD x Filthy Gears – Filthy Ard

Collaborative projects in music are best when it’s forced and a mutual respect is show between both sides that they are here to give us the best out come we want to hear.
When it comes to grime, the producer is championed almost just as much as the artist and that been from early so when Filthy Gears executives produces and East London’s RD comes with his second collab project alongside him, it shows he wants the synergy to be high every time he decides to work with any one.

Filthy Ard is an EP filled with appearances from fresh faces and seasoned MC’s that have a verse ready to shell over all these beats from the likes of Flowdan, Maxtsa, Mr X, Syer B and more to the feature list.

Unapologetic and direct bars touching on anything from not having time for no useless meetings to Grenfell, tracks that go spooky to nothing but energy and makes you understand the essence of what how grime is supposed to make you feel.

We Spoke to RD on this project and how working on this collab made him appreciate the generations before:

What was it like working with Filthy Gears?
It was pretty straight forward to be honest, because we both worked together before plus we’ve had a connection in terms of music and what I like. It was natural.
With the mix of vets and fresh talent in this project how important is that we need to appreciate what each brought to the table?
I think it’s very important the new generation to respect the ones before us because without the work they did we wouldn’t be here. Also, it’s equally important the vets show respect and love to the new dons because they’re the ones keeping it alive n fresh. It definitely has to be a mutual thing.
What did you learn creating this project?
I learned that you should never force things. if it’s not the one it’s not the one. That goes for the instrumental and lyrics. I’ve learned to always push for better results with both of the above plus mixdowns, just striving for the best possible end product.
How should this grime project feel and who would you like to work with next?
This should make you feel like working hard and going in. Especially in grime I feel like a lot people might feel like there’s no grime that’s have concepts and messages etc. but this will make people know, both fan and artist listeners, that it’s possible and you should go for yours!
I would like to work with Ghetts and Rude Kid together or separate but however the setup it needs to happen – I’ll be cool with it!!

This piece of almost modern nostalgia will inject the energy you will need whenever you feel you need that boost and this is a solid 3.5/5 Certified Stamped Project!
Enjoy and screwface may vary.

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