[Stream x Review] RDX – Think Twice

East London continue to produce Grime acts and we have truly seen how far it can take you and as with two brothers they are going make sure that when it comes to the bars you have to think twice.

RD and Mr. X combined to make RDX have created this album to show you what people think when you are in music and putting out music, these scenarios always occur and there may be some positives and negatives to it but when it come to the bars you can’t fake those and you better bring them properly or you won’t last long.

The album was structured well starting off with a phone call with two discussing the duo, one a bit heated but also given a warning to relax with the big talk and reminded to think twice. Also throughout you hear two women talking about the brothers and its an interesting discussion but shows you that word of mouth is a powerful form of promo.

With 140bpm the pace throughout the album you can’t help but get nostalgic and have that two finger wave throughout the project and of course if you wheel up the track your self we do not blame you.

Catchy choruses in tracks such as Call my Phone, back to back bars filled with raw and untamed lyrics whilst always protected each other in the track reminding you if you come near one the other will react.  This project will have your faced squeezed in and shaking your head and that the reaction they want you to have

You have to hail up the producers involved in this project; Loonz, Teddy Musik, Scholar, Mystry, Shannon Parks, Filthy Gears & Jammz as the beat selection truly brings this album together well.

It’s always a question when is the best time to listen to grime so when we asked that brothers when is the best time to listen to their album:

We would want our music to be received the same way real Grime music should and always will be received. We MC from the heart with truth and conviction and we’ll be happy if the listeners could understand where we’re coming from and how we feel when they listen to this project. Best time to listen to this album can be any time of the day, there’s a lot of flavour on there!!

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