[Stream x Review] Rukhsana Merrise – Today

Completing her double project with this release we now get the Today from her two part, Child O’ Today.

Six stories told and shows the growth from her as a child to her today. We got the title track Today already and its a real way for us to appreciate the journeys she has been through in the today in her life. Its a great way she has used music as self reflection and also therapy as she talks on things she focuses on herself.

The only feature in the full project is Wretch 32 which shows the value in the feature and also it shows the upbeat and higher place she has reached by the end of the project.

The whole project is about growth and you get to grow with Rukhsana and she truly opened up to all that listen to her and fins therapy in her music and 4/5 Certified Stamps shows the connection she has made with her music.

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