[Stream x Review] Taliwhoah – Solar EP

As RnB continues to flourish in the UK, we are preview to the North London rising star by the name of Taliwhoah. Bring light of her losses and her love for love regardless of where its from, we really got to see a vulnerable side to Tali over the last year and its allowed her to really tap into emotions to give us this next step in her life.

Photo by tajvstaj

Solar is her latest release, with song titles such as The One You Need, Juice, Love Cycle and Planets.  From the outset, you’re captured by her charming and pleasing vocals. 

The tracks ‘One You Need’ and ‘Juice’ are very high tempo, energetic beats complemented by her soothing soulful voice. An enticing concoction, which was unexpected but pleasing!  The final two songs ‘Love Cycle’ and ‘Planets’ are melodic, with a sweet feeling of calmness very, reminiscent of RnB in its essence. 

Solar is concentrated, emotive, lyrically alluring, energetic at times, accomplished by Taliwhoah beautiful sound.  It is Short, concise and capturing!  

3/5 Certified Stamps

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