[Stream x Review] TE dness – Not much Longer 2

Mr Trap Nominated has been aware of timing and always stepping in and stepping out of music and before we see the end of this year and before we get the second part of the Trap Nominated series TE dness has followed up and gearing us up for a very active 2019 and dropped Not much Longer 2.
Longer than the original but with a lot more to say and growth between the projects.

Photography by earthboundastronaut


The 6FM team once again have shown the consistency and quality in music as this is another project in the schedule of great releases and all production suiting TE dness perfectly, nothing forced.

Always keeping the ladies sweet and the respect from the real ones, this is him in his element and adding to the library of projects deep the bars, style and delivery come more and more confidently.

Watch the video for Back on my Sh*t (Go Hard)

Only 6ixvi & E Mak are features in one song that will have you nostalgic and the rest are bars and vocals from him.

The statement came from the first track he is back on his Sh*t and will be going hard so enjoy this 4/5 Certified Stamped Tape



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