[Stream x Review] Tiana Major9 – Rehearsal @ NINE

Make sure you don’t forget the 9 at the end of that Major please. This is the debut project from Tiana Major9 and from covers with her brother on Youtube to now giving us her first full body of work she is definitely growing in front of us and this was going to be a delicate process but one she would enjoy getting though.

Photo by Bernice Mulenga

With the resemblance given by listeners because of her approach to her music and her tone so unique and a presence like Ms Lauryn Hill and everyone wants to hear more whenever she sings.

With amazing production from PRGSHN throughout you will appreciate the little details as well as the big notes, flow and the combination of the two shows the quality in music we have in the world.

We have had songs from the EP already such as Mr. Mysterious, Levee (Let it Break), now complimented with tracks like Cat & Mouse where she talks about the chase between two. Or Better where she ups the tempo in production and still keeps it soft and silky or Dearest Dystopia where it’s just a guitar and her voice that has you in a full trace.

This has been her focus for so long and to see it appreciated even before it was released, you can feel that she has created a classic in her own right and this will be a defining moment and a start every artist will want in their musical career. With a wave of support and appreciation for the art she has created and a 5/5 Certified Stamped project is a great way to start the year.
This woman will be touring the world and filling up every venue she touches.

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