[Stream x Review] Vibbar – San Junipero

Vibbar have been collecting vibes for a while now and with singles, and packages being dropped we now have a full project from them. Different and  personalities over cold production throughout and it we got that in their first full project 

The different feels and vibe throughout shows they truly enjoy life and doing what they love and seeing the reactions it gives to those that experience it. On first listen, you wont even get to gauge the genre because it turns at any point and that is one of the great things listening to Vibbar.

Photography by Henry Jay Kamara

With features throughout, interludes and even an appearance from Poet’s Kids, Zion & Khalifa one target to make every line sharable and Morgan Munroe really gave us vocals that complimented the project nicely.

Watch the video for Lets vibe

Take in the video for Snapchat

San Junipero as the first full Vibbar tape, best describes their style and although the sound isn’t concrete this 4/5 Certified Stamped project allows you to really understand why Vibbar give us the music they do and you won’t hear anywhere else.

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