[Stream x Review] Weyland Mckenzie – Northeast

Weyland Mckenzie has always given us bars n the build up to this, to also graduating as well as representing ABOE to the fullest and now he has dropped his debut EP Northeast. Representing his hometown with the title the EP is seven tracks showcasing his lyrical talent and creativity along with only a couple features from Suelily & Careless it’s a true journey.

Photography by aychibs

You already heard two singles from the project in TDM & Navigation but was just a taste of the style. Songs like 100 Tabs, eNds 16 really shows his lyrical technique isn’t rushed and his tone allows you to understand his story he is portraying.

Deep records are in the features and Hold on its raining seem like it’s a light jog and looped and reminds that there are hard times with the great ones and too many want the medals without the hustle and in Enchanted the focus was woman and of course Careless was a great choice to be on that especially with the way they both play with words and the low voice will have women in a trance.

If this is your first time listening to Welyland, know that it is a lyrical body of work and someone who learnt a lot from being in his ends. He approached this campaign the right way and kept it close to home with the right features and holding out till the last quarter of  a very noise filled year he secured a 4/5 Certified Stamped EP

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