[Stream x Review] WSTRN – WSTRN Season Vol.2

WSTRN season is back with a volume 2 and after the vibes we received in the lead up to this and also the bangers from the first volume, when the statement that they ‘make songs like no other’ is made it’s real because you’ve only heard these type of songs from WSTRN.

Still holding it up, Louis Rei & Haile make sure that the two of them will make sure they handle it and like they have sat in studio and honed to those strengths that have got here and amplified the song writing abilities that’s why anytime they have dropped it’s never ignored.

With a new tag line from Alika of her saying ‘it’s WSTRN Season’ that you will hear throughout the mixtape, we get some R&B, reggae, rap, trap and features from Miraa May, Unknown T & SOB & RBE that definitely gave range when they stepping in and made some sone great music together.

Watch the video for They Don’t know

They give us feel good music always but really remind you where they have got to and since their monumental achievement with IN2 they really did open doors for many more too and you’ll hear it in the outro and it’s something they do in their full bodies of work.

It was good to hear Ak talk in this one as it’s been a while and a verse would of been epic but as always they didn’t need a reason to give us a 4/5 Certified Stamped mixtape so make sure you listen!

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