[Stream x Review] ySo? – Why So?

When it comes to rap in the UK it seems to be stuck in the same loop, same features, same productions, same topics, same clothes and all this because they want to gain the same notoriety and the art and craft isn’t as appreciated due to the likes and follows but ySo? and this EP tunes that all the way out and was able to appreciate the craft of rap and the culture and with no gimmicks, no features (until the bonus track) and every track produced by him the focus can only be on the art of his rap.


Photo by Ian Upton

Each track is to the point from minute one, its engaging and direct and holds back absolutely nothing back and from the second you hear the first lines off of Evasive your eye will open and understand exactly the stand point he is coming.

He shows that the flows he has in the locker are in abundance and he can make a track, a song and also freestyle with a passion. Topics on the state of rap, trends and how people use their position for leverage but it can never sway your true art.

Catchy tracks like More Lies & Winningx3 shows that he can fit in the pockets and give you songs that make you want to sing along to as well as take in the knowledge.

Watch More lies here:

Certified Stamps: 4/5

You feel passion throughout every track in this EP and the love for rap that he holds dearly isn’t to be played with and honestly you wouldn’t want to be on a track with him and come less than 100%. This project is a statement and its that ySo? isn’t your manufactured rapper, there is a craft to this, and this is him showing you.

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