[Stream x Review] Yung Fume & Zaytoven – Level Up EP

South London meets Atlanta as Yung Fume brings his style to Zaytoven production known globally and both have taken their routes to successful careers and it seems truly fitting for the highly energetic tracks that have come through as he hasn’t compromised at all.

The EP shows 4 songs that shows that he can run on the track with artists from Atlanta and artists here in the UK and can do his bit when on a song by himself. After the great success in the single, watch me flex it was only going to be a progressive moves to come next and this move should truly not be slept on because some would love to get hands on one instrumental and he was able to do his thing over 4 and also bring one of the UK legendary figures on the same type of production.

He can see and feel the progression as said in the intro track Life I’m Living. Spilling into the next track and working with Young Nudy who is on the rise out there in his own right and they really bring the energy in this one. Watch the process of making this track

An instant favourite and surprise was hearing JME featuring on Never Had with them both reminiscent of the past and seeing how much hard work they put in to get what they have never had.

Even wrapping it up at a slow pace you can tell the focus is channelled & tunnelled and not letting himself get lost in the sauce and reminding you he is in the zone constant.

In a statement to all on the release he says:

If you ever hated me u about to hate me some more,  If you ever doubted me u about to wake the fu*k up. If u love me u about to love me some more, this is for my fans that stayed down

4/5 Certified Stamps:

The EP shows that the business mindset of Yung fume allowing him to make sure his music is appreciated in all aspect by fans and also remind listeners that he has bossed up to put himself alongside a credible producer such as Zaytoven who has shown he appreciates and rates the UK sound and definitely seems to appreciate adding his style to Yung Fume’s style and charisma.

Enjoy the EP in full here

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