[Stream x Review] Yxng Bane – HBK

It’s always great to know that our team over here is clued up without having no indication on how an artist wants to drop and when watching the prelude to HBK it was going to be a new step in the Modern heart break kid, Yxng Bane.

Photography by Kunal Sharma

Surprising everyone at midnight saying that his mixtape and second project of the year was here.

HBK is really him in full expression and it could be about women, his close ones, flexing or just wanted to show you he can make another banger to the collection of many.

The confidence is always apparent in his music but this one is different.

The punchlines throughout are too slick and the minimal but impactful features really makes you appreciate that this is a project that has been overdue especially with the success he has with every single and feature he has had and even Any minute now with D-Block Europe showing that he can collaborate in the most effective but not forced way.

Something for the mandem, women, car, bedroom, concert, ballad, trap, morning, gym, and fans of all ages!

Watch the video for Needed me:

Take in the Slip N Slide video with him sporting Timberland throughout

Watch the video from Problem with a guest feature from Fredo

The approach to this project was very grown, it didn’t need a huge build up or any gimmicks, less talk and more music seems to be the energy and it’s going to be a continuation of that as he wraps up his UK tour and head into 2019 he is really one of the biggest UK exports we have to show on a global scale.

The Heart break Kid effortlessly earns 5/5 stamps and an essential project in the Yxng Bane catalogue.

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