Stylish Man of the Month: Kojey Radical

This post has been long overdue so be warned there’s a lot of appreciation in it! For 2018 the Certified UK fashion team decided to feature a Man or Woman of the Month. This person would be someone in any creative field that has been consistently giving us looks. Someone we would put on our mood board, as we appreciate their sense of style. This person would be inadvertently influencing our wardrobe decisions and even putting us on to new brands.

To kick off the year, our choice was a no-brainer and a unanimous decision across the team! If you don’t know Kojey Radical is a British MC, poet, and artist. He currently has an album out titled In God’s Body which gives you a clearer insight into his persona (full review here).

Our fashion team was first introduced to Kojey towards the end of last year at Notion Magazine‘s party where IAMDDB performed. As he stormed the stage encouraging the audience to go crazy, we were instantly drawn to a pink jacket he was wearing and knew we had to approach him and get the scoop on the designer. Kojey was both friendly and humble. We soon found out that the jacket was by Bully Baxter. This outfit was teamed with a black Chelsea Bravo jacket, white tee, cargo pants, and finished with a biege ACW* cap.

Having not forgotten the presentation of his last outfit, we ran into Kojey again in the new year at the Blood Brother x River Island launch party where he was sporting the full denim look. Thankfully for us, it didn’t end there, as Kojey attended London Fashion Week Mens, and it was there we were hit with barrage of 10/10 outfits that confirmed our thoughts.

From a beautiful all-over print monochrome two piece by Blood Brother finished with a Chelsea Bravo miki hat, to a Maharishi Kimono paired with Nike SF- 1, Kojey is effortless in pulling off a variety of looks.

His physique allows his versatility to flourish as he takes on both bold and understated outfits and executes to perfection. As he is able to pull off both streetwear and formal wear, Kojey would be a great ambassador for a number of brands. At a guess, he presents himself as a lover of contemporary fashion with a touch of Asian Influence.

We’d love to see Kojey in UK brands such as Marr Ldn or Drifters London. So for guys looking to radically transform their wardrobe, look no further than Kojey: Stylish Man of the Month.

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