Sunday’s Stylist – Jobasa

Whilst we cover so many brands as seen on celebrities and influencers, we decided to shed some light on the stylists behind them. So every other Sunday, we will be showcasing our stylists of the month who have consistently put together banging fits!

Starting us off is none other than Jobasa stylist to Arsenal footballer, Héctor Bellerín. We first ran into Jobasa at London Fashion Week Men’s in January, and it was no surprise that Hector’s outfits were splashed across every publication and online platform the very next day.

Jobasa gave Hector an effortless high-end streetwear look that had every hypebeast foaming at the mouth due to the coveted items! From Balenciaga Triple S sneakers to Gucci Mules. Jobasa clearly has a flair for fashion and understands his client’s love of clothing. He typically gives his client a stable backdrop of simplistic clothing and then pairs it with one or two well known pieces (usually footwear) to bring the outfit to life.

Jobasa is able to keep Hector on top of trends without overdoing it and executing to perfection. Whilst fashion focussed, stylists tend to have artistic talents that go beyond clothing, so we would love to interview Jobasa and see what else he is able to do. It’s not what you wear but how you wear it so take notes on how to perfect your look, the Jobasa way.

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