That Henny! Check out Siobhan Bell’s own clothing line

It’s not often we get to bring you clothing by UK DJ’s, so when we saw that our favourite female DJ Siobhan Bell released her own clothing line with a range of T-shirts sporting the phrase “I only drink Henny for the culture” we had to get in on it.

We can’t keep up with Siobhan’s movements, from Peckham to LA she is everywhere! However, you can pick up the Hoodie exclusively at Edjer from now untill 7pm at the Henny for the culture Pop Up but if you can’t make it, they will be online soon.

To continue on the Henny wave, pour it up at the after party from 8pm -1am today at Kamio in Shoreditch.  Meanwhile feel free to follow King Bell (Siobhan Bell) on twitter for movements on upcoming gigs.




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