The Dream Team- Trapstar’s 10hour pop-up Recap

Yesterday, streetwear lovers came out in full force for the anticipated 10 hour pop up by none other than Trapstar London. Held at One by One store -Berwick Street, this was the ideal setting for the tight knit brand to host a pop up in appreciation of the culture. With its mix of fashion and tattoo parlour below, the open space, on trend music and friendly vibes its no wonder the spot is making waves.

Pulling up to One by One, we were met with a queue of people, eagerly awaiting all kinds of Trapstar pieces, both old releases and new. As we walked in, trap music booming, we were met with merchandise flying off the shelves, numerous enquiries to make purchases, and the all important phrase “have you got the Money Mitch Tee please”. This was brought about by the release of the Paid in Full, Hustler’s Spirit Tee, which also dropped at 6PM today (Cop if you can!)

One thing was certain, the whole of the Trapstar team pulled together to make this event a success. The popularity of the store is evident in the amount of stories we heard from people that have been supporting Trapstar since its inception 11 years. People recounting the old packaging and various pop up locations. We saw people sporting releases from years ago and of course they were back for more! No item was left unbought, with the store closing momentarily for a restock. Customers left with multiple purchases, because one piece is never enough!

During the restock we got time to speak to the Trapstar team and we learnt about the effort that goes into making the brand a success. We learnt was that the Trapstar brand is a family brand, no one felt like an employee. They all shared in a passion for the brand and were willing to put the effort in.

The family feel of the brand even extends to the decision making on the prints/ themes they choose, with everyone having an input on what works. There’s no doubt that they all have a good idea of where the brand is going, and the pop ups planned for Toronto and New York are an indication that they are moving in the right direction. Everyone is proud to be a part of the journey.
We can’t count the amount of customers with that satisfied look that says “yeah, this bangs!” ¬†From menswear to womenswear the brand has finessed the ideal style for its customers, with its sweats being perfect for the British summer, and its ever growing collection of Irongate strapback which has been spotted globally. For us the favourite has to be the Grey Irongate sweatshirt (red logo) and the Trapstar T ‘Rose’ strapback (that said the Flock Irongate hoodie is a must have).

We look forward to many more pop ups from Trapstar and appreciate the throwback releases as well as new collection. As the brand becomes more international we are sure of one thing, it will never lose its British roots and we will always show love.

Thank you to the whole Trapstar team for the good vibes and special thanks to Reuben and Angel for the insight, and Arabella for hosting us.

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