The only Damaged Goods we will accept!

As you know, we’re massive sneakerheads, and it was in one of our many sneaker groups that we came across this gem of a brand. Damaged Goods is the rainbow rework connoisseur, taking old clothing such as Nike Tracksuits and bringing them back to life with simple rainbow stitching.

These rainbow lines transform the look of the tracksuit and we guess this is what happens when 3 stripes (or in this case 6 stripes) meets the swoosh. The result is golden, and it leaves us wondering what else can be embroidered! Designer Tyson, started Damaged Goods out of experimentation and its been a hit amongst the sneakerheads, with stockouts at every release and new additions such as Carhartt Jackets, Hats, and even Sneakers!

A simple idea that rivals the likes of brands such as Needles, Damaged Goods signature stitching can make any piece of clothing pop and is perfect for summer (we’re thinking white sweatshirt, shorts, and Air Force Ones)! We would love to see this become a real Nike collaboration as it’s such a dope custom (hey, if Mini Swoosh can do it…).

If the goods were damaged before, they’re certainly not when Tyson’s done with them, more like revived! We would love to see a Jumpsuit (overalls) or chore jacket with the signature Damaged Goods stitching. If this is damaged then we don’t want it fixed!

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