A brand new feature to Certified UK is ‘The Playlist’. A compilation of tracks in one playlist that we think you should listen to if you haven’t already all from talented artist on the rise.

The inception of the playlist goes as follows:


2.Ray BLK – Not your girl

3.TE dness – This Time Round Ft. Stormzy

4.OrphGang – Orph House

5. Jacob Banks – Monster

6.  SNE Ft Careless – Tell Me (Like Us)

7. RENZ – Right Now Ft. Youngs Teflon

8. Jamilah Barry – Silly Q’s ft. Jack Nichols-Marcy 

9. Koder – Beezle Dub

10. Kojey Radical – Bambu

Listen here:

Expect more from all the writers they will have different themes and they will drop at anytime!

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