The Playlist 006 | DJ M.A.C

In this edition of The Playlist has DJ M.A.C doing a grime mix full of whats rising up in the UK for him. A member of the Ice Cream Family they know how to turn a party all the way up and this mix will show you exactly how they turn up:

1. Ghostly – Who Do You Think You Are – This track here brings that calm side to Grime, many call it R&G because of the sample flipped. Ghostly is a upcoming MC who’s work rate is incredible and 2016 will be a big year for him!

2. Kano – Garage Skank – You cant do a Grime mix and not include the legendary Kano. Preparing his new studio album i thought id drop a cut from it to help build hype.

3. Capo Lee – Liff – I heard this track on a couple radio sets and seen Capo Lee spit at a few sets, his energy and the hype this track in particular brings is a PROBLEM, instant pulls up on sets.
4. Dexplicit – Link Up Season (Ft Chip, Durrty Goodz, Swiss, Black The Ripper, Flowdan, Rocks Foe) – The line up on this track speaks for it self. Anything Dexplicit produces is gonna be a banger, and straight of the back of Chip killing this beat on a solo when you add more sick MCs to it gonna be big.
5. President T – Gunshot Sound – I picked this one because its my favorite track off of his album “Greatest to Ever Touch Down”, soon as i heard the beat i knew it was going to be an instant hype track.
6. RD – Andromalius – One of my favorite MCs out right now, RDs energy and delivery just reminds me of the first time i heard POW. After appearing on Lord Of The Mics 7 and easily boding his opponent RD is definitely a person to look out for.
7. Sir Spyro – Side By Side (feat. Big H, Bossman Birdie & President T) – If your a person that listens to alot of radio grime sets, you’ve most probably heard the instrumental get destroyed by many MCs, but not many have heard the ACTUAL track
8. Gracious K – The Hype – This was one of my favorite grime tracks of 2015, Gracious K (yes Mr. Migraine Skank) is showing everyone he can swing bars and kill beats easily, he even switches it up towards the end.
9. Big Zuu – Ayo Techno – If your into grime and you haven’t heard of Big Zuu your sleeping in your sleep. Like RD his energy is electric, ive seen DJ pull up a set just after hes spat 2 bars. Instant hype
10. AJ Tracey – Spirit Bomb Remix (ft. Dave, PK, Skits, Central Cee, Merky Ace x Cadell, Drifter, Capo Lee & Trims) – AJ is gonna be a problem in 2016, again hes one of those MCs that can kill a set with 2 bars easily and his does it with a calm tone unlike some other MCs. Look out for him that’s all im saying.

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