The Prgrshn in R&B & Soul

‬As genres grow more of an identity in the UK and many actually realising there is more out here than grime and Rappers, more are actually looking through the talent in other genres and one of the biggest ones here that truly deserves its dues is the R&B & soul genre. One producer who has been a driving force for years and is just someone who lets his music do the talking & you feel the music he creates whole heartedly, that’s Prgrshn.‬

‪With music in his bloodline running deep leaning from his father, many started to hear and know him for his amazing musical brotherhood with Angel. Early years the duo truly gave us vibes and some songs many will never forget that had us back in the 90’s era where the R&B was a pure hot spot and now seems like everyone is taking that blueprint and he has pushed his talent of creating great music today with nothing to hold him back and making you feel the soul of every production credit and feature he is seen to be on.‬

‪Some of the best R&B and soulful tracks in the past few years have been from his desk, and shows that he puts his energy into all generations and we saw him do it with WSTRN consisting of his brother Haile who has been dubbed one of the best to touch your hook; who seems to never miss with every hit since the inception been impactful and outstanding and although it may seem easy for them as the work rate has been put in.

‪He also shows that he can invoke his style alongside artists in different genres such as Rukhsana Merrise who gives a more folk type sound and as her voice has been like nothing you have every heard and a debut album coming in August from the releases he has a great musical partnership with her.‬

‪Also showing that he can find a gem and watch it grow with guidance, working with Tiana Major9 with her almost ‬Lauryn Hill ‪approach its no doubt that she will be a powerful voice in music and the duo have already made some amazing music and truly will have a lot more coming.‬

‪Those were just to name a view as all the combinations show that Prgshn is a true musical specialist that understands the power of music and is proud to put the art first being at a high level and hasn’t boxed himself in and believe that he will be a foundation as we see more artists tap into their vocal range, and it will only get better.‬

images via Instagram

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