The UK is 100% racist… but we can be the change

Over the years we’ve been forced to witness countless of viral videos of unarmed black people being subject to police brutality and straight up cold-blooded murder. Time after time after time we’ve watched those whose duty is to protect and serve but in reality they’re doing the complete opposite. From Breonna Taylor to Sandra Bland and Eric Garner, these are just a few names that come to mind. George Floyd’s murder was something different entirely, there wasnt a barrage of bullets fired as he stood with his hands up pleading ‘Don’t Shoot’. No, we watched almost 9 minutes of Derek Chauvin’s knee crushing an unarmed and handcuffed man’s neck until he lost consciousness, then his life and he did it without even a shred of emotion on his face.

The issue of systemic racism isn’t only a US problem, where do you think they got their ideals from? The UK is not innocent, Shukri Abdi, Stephen Lawrence, Damilola Taylor, Mark Duggan, Belly Mujinga. These are some of the victims of racist violence and murder by the authorities and we are all STILL seeking justice for all of them. When we’re protesting and marching around the UK I think it’s important to note that we’re not only marching for George Floyd but against the racism we have endured growing up, stop & searches by the police that unfairly target us, microaggressions in the workplace, having to work “twice as hard” as our white counterparts… you get the picture?

I think everybody has the ability to educate themselves on the full truth of this country’s history. Everybody starts somewhere, I can say honestly that there was a time I was even ignorant particularly to the struggles black women face and not knowing I was contributing to the structure that has caused my people so much pain. It really hurts me to know I could ever be someone that could openly disrespect black women for likes or retweets especially since I’ve been raised by the most exceptional woman on the planet as well as also being the older brother to two younger sisters too, so to all black women I would to apologise deeply from my heart. When I began to learn real black history, study prominent figures and understand how they try to make us hate ourselves it was clear I needed to make a change in myself and all it took was a bit of research. It’s okay to grow and learn as that’s part of human nature, so If you don’t get it I encourage you to scour the internet where there’s an abundance of academic journals, books even videos if you’re a visual learner.

Last week Saturday I attended the Black Lives Matter protest in Parliament Square where so many people young and old, white, black and brown were united against institutional racism in not just the states but in our own country. In the middle of a fucking pandemic we feel that we HAVE to come together to fight for basic human rights but some have allowed their focus to be shifted from the reason for the protest to the very small minority of people who acted out of line which I’m not condoning in any way shape or form. Black Lives Matter. Full stop. There should be no ifs or buts, if you really stand with us and see the importance of what we’re trying to change in the world you would not be bringing up other things to try and diminish the movement. It amazes me to see how we’ve all come together for black lives and I just hope we continue doing what we’re doing and don’t let up because there’s still so much more left to do. Please keep donating, posting, signing petitions, protesting and don’t forget this isn’t blacks vs whites. It’s the People vs the System.

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