#ThePlaylist 015 | Ray Fiasco Mix

When he isn’t capturing images with great names or directing visuals he likes to create mixes and we had to add Ray Fiasco to #ThePlaylist lineup!


Vicktor Taiwo ft. Solomon – Digital Kids

Digital Kids has a dope atmosphere and texture, its visual when you listen to it

A2 – Realist Sound
Realist sound is just that, too real. I zone out to this

Bonobo – Jets
Im always trying to hear someone rap over some Bonobo, he has the best mix of sounds and textures

Wretch 32 – Pressure
Wretch’s album is probably the best this year. Pressure is as relatable as a pulse.

Kojo Funds – My 9ine
Kojo Funds is just icy

Bobii Lewis ft. Wretch 32 – Paranoid

The words and flows in this song are special


Lapalux – Don’t Mean A Thing

This tune has the coldest groove


Avelino – Late Nights In The 15

Avelino is the future, this is one of my favourite tunes right now


A2 – Holograms

Holograms. Straight zoners, the video is pretty nice too


Baseman ft. Shocktown – New Wavin’

Lowkey record of last summer. Shut down the rave every time. I still get gassed. I still pull it up.

A2 – ZZZ

Whats understood doesn’t need to be explained. This song is exactly where the wave is at.

Jai Paul – Crush

Jai Paul’s groove is special

J. Warner ft. Teni Tinks – Being A Friend

Might just get caught in your feelings

TE dness – EU Referendum

Content driven banger. Sly anthem

A2 – X2

Double double double double

Bonobo – Cirrus

Bonobo feels so eclectic

Tiggs Da Author ft. Yungen – Swear Down

This feels nostalgic even though its fresh

Hawk House – Save It For Another Day

Hawk House have flows as deep as their content

Angel ft. Stefflon Don – Hop On

The sample is so fire! Videos nice too

Etta Bond – King To Be

This beat is crazy, Etta is always on point with the delivery

Bonobo – 1009

The textures in this tune!

Bobii Lewis – Special

Banger, Bobii and KZ captured the vibe perfectly

ItsNate – Old News

This is another tune I zone out to, the raps are too real

Selvsse – IV (Draft)

Selvsse with the unreleased sauce

Shakka – U Dont Know What U Do To Me

This song cant be put in a box, just like Shakka


Listen to the mix exclusively via Mixcloud:

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