#ThePlaylist 017 | Moonchild

#ThePlaylist is back as January is coming to a close and this year we are making sure that we reach a lot more audiences with a variety of DJs that touch many more genres, and as they give us a mix introduce us to new sounds and new vibes that they get to travel the world with, and the first DJ of this year shows exactly that.

Moonchild aka Luna Cohen-Solal, a Paris-born, London-based DJ whose eclectic style brings together music past and present and genres such as, but not limited to, disco, pop, old school hip hop, UK garage and R&B.
In the past couple of years she has become a favourite of the London fashion and art scenes and has been seen DJing at Ace Hotel, ASOS, Sketch, Field Day Festival as well as taking her uplifting sets to parties around the world, from Paris Fashion Week to Zanzibar beaches.
When she isn’t DJing, Luna works as Music Editor of Polyester Zine and contributor to i-D Magazine so she is always close to where the music and fashion constantly.
When asked what is it about being a DJ is like She said
To me, DJing is a mode of connecting with people’s bodies and brains. When I play live or make mixtapes, my goal is to share the music I love and enhance the present moment with exciting tunes.
With her mix so different to the rest we have had she explains:
“For this mix I decided to shine a light on the alternative electronic music scene flourishing at the moment in the UK, with producers transcending genre barriers and embodying an inspiring artistic freedom.”
Listen to the mix exclusively on our Mixcloud below:
Mx World – Side Eye
Moonbow – Altering Ego (Conrad Kira Remix)
Realms – Newborn 
Joey Fourr – Uhmericka 
Pillow Person – Go Ahead
Acre Tarn – Crescent Moons
BABE – Bit Part
Lung Dart – Healthy Functional Tissue
Photo by Prisca Lobjoy
Artwork by Jamain Gordon

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