#ThePlaylist 021 : Hacko (All A2 special)

A2 has shown his music is in a league of its own in selling out his headline show at Koko alongside Octavian, Mirra May & Dotty and know that this show is for new and seasoned fans of the melodic enigma and doesn’t say much and lets the music do the talking and made timeless music for years that the catalogue hold as much weight as official debut project on all platforms BLUE.

Whenever he is turning up a venue he has the very energetic and very much involved in the show vibe as his official DJ, Hacko and he has told us why A2’s Music is the best:

“A2 is a genius way ahead of all of us, I think he makes the best music in our scene definitely the most universal, his music touches everyone that hears it.”

An example of his point was

“On the stormzy tour one woman and her daughter said to us gold was so beautiful it made her think about her husband and she started crying, that’s the effect A2 has on people that’s why he is the best”

In celebration of the milestone we know that the A2 set list will be filled with classics and new ones and even ones you haven’t heard before but we have and epic 45 mins filled with A2 for you to vibe through and get ready for the show so wherever he switches it up you don’t skip a beat exclusively on Mixcloud.



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