Tour Life 001: Sam Tompkins

Its always great to see your hard work get recognised to the point where you get to take your talent on the road and our newest feature allows artists that do get the chance to go on tour, to come back, reminisce and tell you how it is on the road and the experiences when your living that ‘Tour Life’.
We had Sam Tomkins give us his view of tour life as he went on tour across the country!
I went on a 13-date tour across the UK & Ireland with Nathan Grisdale.
The U.K. Dates were WAVEY! The crowds for each show were so great & really enjoyed getting involved with me on stage. The audience for this tour was young, but everyone was super respectful in terms of listening to what I had to say within my music, which I thought was hella cool. We travelled to Southampton, London, Birmingham, Leicester, Sheffield, Leeds, Liverpool & Manchester. Except for Southampton & London, I hadn’t been to ANY of the cities before so exploring the cities individually was hugely important to me and it was wicked to see the cultural differences between cities. You could sometimes tell that with crowds; which ones were quiet and reserved, and which ones were absolutely mental!
Scotland was amazing! The fans in Scotland were so polite and playing new material was amazing. After the shows in Scotland, so many people would come and say hi and tell me how much they enjoyed my set. It was dope! Unfortunately it rained pretty much the whole time I was there so didn’t get to much in terms of exploration, but nonetheless I loved travelling to Glasgow & Edinburgh.
 photo by LilCDesigns
photo by LilCDesigns
Travelling to Ireland was my favourite part of the tour I think. We got the ferry over with our tour bus from Liverpool and played 3 very intimate shows over the course of 4 days in Galway, Limerick, and Dublin. We had our only day off in the beautiful city of Galway, which I have to admit was easily the nicest place I went to over the span of the whole tour. Truly magnificent views and the people were so generous and kind! Would definitely love to have a house in Ireland one day when I wanna settle down. Such a lovely country. The shows were amazing too and as always; such respectful audiences. Look forward to returning soon.
Photo by Emily Cowlishaw
Photo by Emily Cowlishaw
Music on the road is amazing, I can’t lie. One thing that sticks out when thinking of my time on that tour bus (which actually becomes your only bit of stability & comfort over the course of the two weeks) is how cool it is to be in that bus with a bunch of very like-minded people who share the same exact goals as you. I met some truly talented people on the journey around the UK and Ireland. Was awesome just getting the guitar out and making music whilst the bus was driving down the M25. That was pretty surreal.
The fans were absolutely dope, as I said before! Super respectful and very loud!!! Can’t ask for more than that, right?
My most memorable moment on tour was on the last show in Dublin when i was singing some of my unreleased music and I could see people already knew the words because of clips posted on Twitter from earlier dates on the tour. Very surreal, but my favourite moment by far. Made me realise how great the tour actually was for my self-belief.
Photo by Hannah Goodman
Photo by Hannah Goodman
The biggest lesson learnt for me was… The importance of confidence in my own music & myself as an artist. Stepping out on the first night being terrified of how I would be received played on my mind for weeks but as soon as I came off the stage in Southampton (the first city), I was overcome with happiness that lasted the rest of the tour. Was good to get such positive feedback on my own written music and that was the biggest lesson for me.

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