Tour Life 002: Jords

With his sound of music, Jords enters his tracks like a poet with his vocals so unique, almost like he is talking to you (well the ladies) so you to take in the message in each lyric. The genre of music that he represents is one that should be appreciated more in this country and knowing that in himself he set out on a Country-wide tour.

The iluvlive Hot list 2017 saw himself along side Geko, Autumn Sharif, SNE & Matt Wills in a few cities and in the lead up toward his EP, Before We Begin and already taken in a taste and we get an insight into how tour life was for him as he is no stranger to enjoying the road!

Day 1 – Manchester

Okay, day one. Let’s go. I’ve been waiting for this moment. Tour life. I’ve missed it. I get to the bus and we’re greeted by Steve, the tour manager, and Jerry, the bass player. We’re all from Croydon. This is gonna be fun. Snap, there’s a PlayStation on the tour bus. This is crazy. Okay Autumn Sharif is next to arrive, then the rest of the band. Lol, we had to leave SNE in London because he was too late. Rappers ay?

The journey is nice. I didn’t listen to any music on the way up, Autumn said it would be anti-social. Everyone is connecting, debating music as you do (yes: Confessions is Usher’s best album). These guys are nice man. Not that “We’re gonna be together a lot for the next few days so let’s just be nice”-nice, they’re genuinely nice people. The band (Jon, Jerry and Mike) are a lot more experienced in this industry than artists who are on this tour, and they’re offering a genuine insight into what the future may hold, what to look out for and what not to do (note to self: always bring toilet roll).

Manchester is home to a lot of my family, so it was a real milestone coming back here, but this time to perform. Upon entry I saw a lot of things I recognise: Old Trafford, the local KFC, my Grandad’s grave.. damn. I wish I had more time in the city. I was lucky enough to get to visit my Grandma, who gave me a very generous care package, thanks Grandma. It’s a shame I could only stay for an hour. I wish I had more time in the city. But at least I have Grandma’s jerk chicken for tomorrow’s lunch

The show was awesome! A real good show. SNE (yes he made it in time), Autumn and Matt Wills all killed it. It was a special show to me, especially looking out in the crowd and seeing my cousins and my Aunty watching. I wish I had more time to see them though. Fans in Manchester are very welcoming, I can’t believe this is my job. What a job. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to people asking to take pictures with me. Geko, the headline act, is crazy! He knows how to have a good time. So so tired though, doubt we’re going to hit the town tonight


Day 2 – Leeds

Slept like a baby. Hotel beds are pretty comfortable, rests are always better when they feel well earnt. Love having my own space though, just me and my thoughts at the moment in this hotel room. It’s a shame I missed Match of the Day. Loving every minute of this tour so far though. How the hell did I lose my t-shirt last night? Oh well, day 2. Off to Leeds. Matt unfortunately had to pull out of the tour because he had a case of tonsillitis, that’s a shame. He really added a different sound to an already diverse line up.

But the show must go on, so it’s off to Leeds we go. I ended up having a night-cap last night, getting the munchies and eating Grandma’s chicken. Someone’s always late to the bus in the morning.. this time it’s Autumn. All good though, last night’s show had a real good vibe to it, and everyone’s in good spirits.. especially the band, who upgraded their hotel rooms, lol. Everyone’s decided to listen to music after the early morning chit-chat on the bus, my album of choice is Daniel Caesar – Freudian. Bloody hell, we’re eating a lot of fast food on this tour. Don’t mind though, treat yourself. Yorkshire is beautiful man. It’s still a bit surreal that we’re seeing different parts of the country every day, through these tinted-tour bus windows. Hope we can take this to a worldwide stage someday.

Leeds is a nice town man. My boy from ends – Stuart – managed to get a coach up from London and met us in Leeds. Its real cool how everyone sort of seamlessly fits in and gets along with each other – real genuine people. Soundcheck was vibe man, the band just ended up performing their own renditions of Lionel Richie songs, that was fun. We grab a Nando’s after soundcheck (the band are probably the best band I’ve performed with to be honest)

That crowd was nuts! Not as big as the Manchester one but they were so interactive, singing along with lyrics that they’d just learnt. They were waiting outside the soundcheck aswell, this is crazy. I think touring is the life for me. The girls in Leeds are interesting – I like it here. I want to write my next album on the road – that’ll be interesting.

We get back to the hotel and everyone ends up in SNE’s room, drinking and sharing their tour stories, about bringing family on tour, about their funniest experiences on tour, experiences with the opposite sex. It’s funny how you can learn so much by just listening, yet people find it so hard to listen. This is probably my favourite part of the tour so far. I get back to my hotel to wait, I’ve lost my key. Typical, lol. Eventually I get back into my room, message a few loved ones, getting a bit of grief about not messaging sooner, understandable, but my phone has been the last thing on my mind to be honest.


Day 3 – Bristol

S***, woke up late. S***, last night was awesome. S***, half an hour to shower and get to the tour bus. S***, I love this life. Not going to lie and say there hasn’t been any disagreements, but there’s bound to be when you’re with people for such a long time. That’s just life.

These cities are so different to London, I feel like the people are just that little bit more upfront. Maybe that’s because we’re literally here today and gone tomorrow.. who knows. Just got to cherish these moments. It just seems like there’s less pride and ego in these cities. If people like you, or your music I should say, they feel no way about approaching you and just.. telling you.

It’s a long drive today, we ended up watching Diddy – Can’t stop, won’t stop on the tour bus, but I still had time to listen to an album. Today’s album of choice was The 1975 – The 1975 (I don’t know why either, just felt like it). One thing I’ve noticed about touring, is as much as you’re on the road with these people whom you have grown close with, you get a lot of time with your own thoughts. Not too much time, but a lot of time. I feel like the road has helped me think through dilemmas, and think about my actions, rather than just acting on impulse.

The first thing I notice about Bristol is the beautiful buildings. Damn, I’m an old man in a young man’s body. Buildings you know. Bristol is awesome though, these guys definitely know how to have a good time. The crowd was full of energy, despite the show being more of a chilled vibe. (Note to self- Geko is a SICK performer, and SNE – Rum Punch sounds insane with a live band). The people here are really… upfront. Yeah I’ll use that word. It’s a refreshing change to London. I think I might be made to travel. I’m going to miss this tour when it’s over.


Day 4 – London

After a couple of days off, we have a show in London. I’m headlining this time, it was meant to be epic. The performance was epic, but my energy felt off tonight. It’s weird, spending so many days on the road with these guys who I haven’t known for very long, yet it’s in my hometown, surrounded by familiar faces, where I felt the most alone. Maybe it’s fatigue.

The performance was amazing, probably the best performance of my life. I just can’t explain it. The crowd was singing along with all the lyrics, the energy of the performance was crazy. But there’s something a bit peculiar about opening up on a stage about your biggest flaws and insecurities, almost crying for help, and receiving nothing but rapturous applause and standing ovations. I dunno, it’s heart-warming in a lonely way, if that makes sense. Maybe people love lyrics because they can draw from their own experiences and relate, rather than seeing it from your perspective. I don’t mind that I guess. Maybe I need a break. Sometimes it just feels as if everyone wants a favour from you, without putting your best interests first. That’s life though, I’m sure it’s doesn’t just occur in music, and I’m sure I’m not the first person to experience this. I guess everyone’s the star of their own movie though.

That being said, I will never get tired of performing. All the stress of the show disappears when on stage. It felt like one of those moments that I already missed whilst it was happening, it was that special.


Day 5 – Leicester

Crazy, what a way to end a sick tour. Got a lie in because we were getting picked up again, but upon arrival at the tour bus we found out SNE won’t be able to make it because he’s done something crazy to his hand. Really didn’t look good.

Soooo much traffic on the M1. But it’s cool, the tour bus is comfy. First world problems. Talking to the band again, reflecting on the week we’ve had, got to stay in contact with these guys. Autumn finally got me to get a chai latte, it’s banging but I think I prefer hot chocolate. We get to Leicester and the venue is peng! You know when you just get a feeling in the pit of your stomach, like butterflies but out of excitement.. I think it’s going to be a real moment tonight. I’m psyching myself up during soundcheck because I want to be able to enjoy this. We all go to grab a wagamamas then it’s showtime. Damn I think I ate too much wagamamas.

The show was crazy! Undoubtedly the best show on the tour to be honest, had a real connection with the crowd. Can’t explain the feeling of hearing a crowd full of people singing your lyrics back to you. They were loud though. Ears are ringing. S***, I’ve got katsu curry on my crotch. Oh well, none of that matters to be honest. I’m on such a high. Geko and Autumn killed their sets aswell. The live band just brings a vibe to a show that is unmatched.

For me there was a bit of a sadness about the tour finishing, but at the same time I’m sure this will push me to keep working so I can replicate the feeling of being on stage in different cities, around the U.K and hopefully the world. Back to reality.

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